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“Thinking From Home”: Why Candidates Are Now Prioritizing Making a Greater Impact in Their Next Position

Some of us love it, some of us hate it, and some of us hope it becomes the norm moving forward when the business world (and society as a whole) fully rights itself. That’s right, I’m talking about working from home.

How Work From Home Has Affected the “Candidate Mindset”

As businesses and the workforce have adapted to the now-familiar pandemic work environment, the home office has become a staple of nearly every home and apartment across the country. Zoom meetings fill up the day and have given us an inside look into the (sometimes questionable) wardrobes and interior decorating tastes of many of our coworkers.

While we all have adjusted and adapted to this new way of doing business, some have also spent the time at home looking inwards and re-evaluating what they look for in their career. Over the last year, many have been redefining what it means to be truly “successful” in their job; their intrinsic motivations may have fundamentally shifted.

How Smaller Companies & Community Banks Can Take Advantage

A common refrain I’ve heard from many candidates as of late goes something along the lines of, “I’m looking to make a greater impact in my next role.”

Of course, everyone wants to be the cultivator of change; a true difference maker in their next organization – but now they’re realizing a career move may bring about the impact they are seeking.  I have heard this in my conversations with early-career analysts all the way up through established executives and leaders.

Another common thread amongst these candidates? They are coming from bigger financial companies and larger banks – some spending decades in these large organizations. These candidates have amassed years of training, experience, and knowledge. And they’re realizing that their skillsets and talents could be better used to truly make a larger impact at an organization that may not have the brand recognition of their current one.

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Right now, there’s a unique opportunity that gives the smaller institutions a chance to nab some big-name talent that may not otherwise have considered a move “down market.” Regional and community banks (and smaller/entrepreneurial companies in other industries as a whole) should be pouncing on this opportunity, striking while the iron is hot, and highlighting the impact and change that their next important hire can bring to their organization.

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