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Why President’s Club Still Matters in 2022

“The Great Resignation”, “The Great Renegotiation”, “The Great Reshuffle”, “The Great Quit”…

In 2022 we are hearing a lot of new terms to describe the evolving job market. It can be very scary for a lot of companies as I’ve never seen such a candidate-driven market in my 25 years in the staffing and recruiting world. One of the most shocking stats I came across recently is that the #1 most posted job on Linkedin is for “Recruiters.” There’s no doubt you and your employees are getting emails, LinkedIn messages, and calls daily from recruiters promising more money and better upside.

However, at Versique, we couldn’t be more excited about this market and the future it brings.

We believe that all great companies know their People are the ultimate business advantage. We believe it so much that we recently went through a re-brand at Versique and have it in all of our marketing communications along with our new tagline: “People make it possible.”

Does President’s Club Still Matter in 2022?

Two years ago, right before the global pandemic hit in March 2020, I wrote a blog post, Why President’s Club Still Matters Today, when we got back from our trip. It’s safe to say a lot has changed in the last 2 years, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to our people and the culture of our organization. In that article, I talk about 3 reasons why all companies should have a Presidents Club:

  1. It’s rewarding for top performers
  2. Spouses/+1’s love it
  3. It’s a great culture builder

Last week we got back from our 2022 President’s Club trip where we took 46 employees and spouses to the Dominican Republic. It was especially a blast to celebrate after having to skip last year’s trip due to COVID. But rather than just rely on my thoughts, I wanted to get feedback from our participants to see how President’s Club inspires them. Here’s a handful of their responses:

  • “It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all the hard work that went into the prior year.”
  • “I enjoyed having a fun weekend with our company’s top performers and leadership. It is always my mission to be a top performer in whatever I do and have that performance be validated by others. In my opinion President’s club validates that performance and is a sign of appreciation by the leadership team.”
  • “I loved getting to know people on a personal level. It really brings us together as a team.”
  • “Up until joining Versique, I was never in a position eligible for President’s Club. It was such a memorable experience to spend a few days with colleagues that I truly enjoy spending time with and getting to know them and their plus 1s on a deeper level. To be rewarded and treated to a top notch vacation, surrounded by amazing people, is not something you find at every company!”
  • “It provides an opportunity to strive, motivate, set and exceed personal and departmental goals and milestones with a great and fun reward for your efforts!”
  • “What I love most about our President’s Club is far from just 1 thing. I love when my teammates are there, so we can appreciate each other and celebrate those who we have helped and the work we have done. It inspires me to see who goes and what they’ve worked on and relationships they’ve built to get there.”

People work for companies, not jobs

My favorite quote I share all the time with our staff is, “At Versique we don’t just aspire to make a living, we aspire to make a difference.”  It’s actually on the wall in my office.

People will work hard for money, but give their life for meaning. My partner and I have a simple goal: Give our employees meaning and make a difference in our community. My friends know I am often not the smartest guy in the room, but I do know you can build a successful and meaningful organization if you continually talk about your vision, live it out in your actions, and constantly let your team know THEY are the company’s competitive advantage.

If you are an owner or leader that believes your employees just want you to simply, “Show me the money,” our team would disagree. Now more than ever, people need to feel seen, heard, and valued.

I’ll close with this: People are going to work for companies and not jobs. Why do you work for your company? Why would someone stay at your company?

I’m incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by so many talented, passionate, and genuine people every day. Below is some genuine feedback on why people like it here at Versique and Parqa:

  • “I enjoy that I am given the tools I need to thrive, I have exceptional people around me with whom I can collaborate and brainstorm, and that I have a ton of autonomy. They are also great at recognizing people, showing appreciation, and celebrating wins.”
  • “I love everything about what we do. It sounds corny, but we make people’s lives better. Versique helps create an environment that allows people to build whatever kind of business they want.”
  • “I love working with a team of high-achieving, authentic people who are always pushing the limits of innovation. Throughout my nearly 10-year career with this family of companies, I’ve presented career growth ideas and been met with enthusiastic support. It’s an amazing crew!”
  • “I value the fact that Versique is very selective in who they bring into the company. Our culture is unique and it takes intention and work to uphold such a culture. Collaboration, support from leadership and owners, investment in the business, autonomy are also things I admire about working for Versique.”
  • “I honestly have never felt so entrepreneurial in any other role; leadership gives me the autonomy to run my business the way that I want to, but is always willing to listen and support. They reward hard work, and have built a platform for myself and my coworkers to be successful; the sky is the limit.”
  • “I enjoy the relationships developed with accomplished and successful colleagues, along with the chance to continue to develop and grow as a professional. Versique is all about creating positive opportunities.”

If you’re an employer looking to grow your team, make sure you’re providing an environment of inclusion and care throughout your organization. And if you’re a candidate looking to advance your career, there’s never been a better time to find a supportive company to work for. We’re happy to help either way at Versique. Contact us today.