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Why Remote Jobs are Decreasing & What You Can Do About It (WCCO Interview with Jenna Estlick)

The latest LinkedIn report shows although more than half of all job applicants are seeking remote jobs, the availability of them are dropping.

Versique’s Jenna Estlick spoke with WCCO about what’s contributing to this decrease and how to still find remote jobs that are hiring.

“For starters, the hiring rate dropped 13% from September 2021 to September 2022. After the pandemic, we entered “The Great Resignation”, where there was a massive influx of hiring. Unemployment dropped in June of 2022 to a record low of 1.8%. We’re now starting to see the market stabilize and the hiring demand is cooling. In addition, recession talks have some workers nervous to quit and some businesses leery to hire which is likely contributing to the decrease in job openings.” (Jenna Estlick, VP of HR Interim Solutions).

Additionally, Jenna shared 3 tips to get one of these highly coveted fully remote jobs:

1. Tap into your network to see who’s hiring
2. Search for multiple different terms (Ex. “Work from home”, “telecommute”, or “virtual job” could all mean remote).
3. Consider your transferrable skills that could lead to a career shift into a new role

If your company has no plans to move to remote work, “you can always negotiate other work perks such as more flexibility in when and how you work,” says Jenna.

Watch the full interview below with WCCO, aired on November 7, 2022.

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