Working with Recruiters: Best Practices for Hiring Managers

One of the most important aspects of any relationship is communication. This certainly holds true when it comes to the relationship between a hiring manager and a recruiter. Why follow best practices for working with a recruiter? Because recruiters provide the most value when your relationship with them is open and honest. If you follow these simple guidelines, your recruiting challenge won’t feel like a challenge at all.

  • Make sure the compensation you’re offering lines up with the job expectations. For example, don’t expect to attract a $100K candidate for $50K.
  • Tell your recruiter about your organization’s culture and what attributes a candidate needs to have in order to be a great fit.
  • Explain to the recruiter what the new hire needs to accomplish in the first six months, first year, and even five years out.
  • Maintain a system of timely feedback (inside of 24 hours) and open communication for all phases of the process such as interviews, submittals, etc.
  • Move the process along as efficiently as possible. Elapsed time dampens a candidate’s enthusiasm.
  • Be honest about any internal candidates throughout the process.

You’ll realize the best outcomes if your recruiter serves as your strategic partner, not just a vendor. So invite your recruiter to more deeply engage in the process of finding the right talent for your organization. Only then will your vision of the perfect candidate be realized.

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