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Are You Working with a Collaborative Recruiter? You’ll Get Better Results!

Wikipedia tells me that during World War II, the word “collaboration” acquired a negative meaning, referring to persons and groups that helped a foreign occupier of their country.

Thankfully, collaboration in business today means something a little more positive – a process where two or more people or organizations work together to realize a shared goal.

Collaboration can be difficult in recruiting.
Companies look for a certain set of skills and salary ranges from candidates. Candidates look to add certain skills and boost their pay, but what candidates want and what companies need do not always match up.

Recruiters who understand collaboration can add a lot of value to companies and candidates. Recruiters need to visit companies in person to get a sense of what type of candidate will be successful in that company. Recruiters need to meet candidates in person so they can determine which companies will be a fit for a candidate’s personality.

Recruiters who understand collaboration give honest, ethical answers to companies and candidates. They do not inflate candidate salary requirements or communications skills to companies. Likewise, collaborative recruiters tell candidates both the good and the bad they have heard about companies.

Recruiting – when collaboration is in place – is the simple science of matching candidates and companies. Recruiting is much more effective when a group of recruiters (typically from the same company) collaborate and tell each other about candidates who may be a fit for an opening. That type of collaboration provides companies with a bigger candidate pool to choose from.

Companies who collaborate with recruiters also benefit. They tell recruiters not only about their immediate needs, but also job openings coming in the future. They also tell recruiters about the skills needed for certain jobs, and why employees stay with or leave their company.

Collaboration between companies, candidates and recruiters is especially important in the current Minneapolis IT market, where there are limited candidates to fill full-time openings. The next time you look for a recruiter, your first question should be: Tell me how you are a collaborative recruiter.

Content provided by Joe Janasz