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Speed is the Key to Hiring Minnesota IT Talent

One of my clients recently interviewed a candidate at 8:00 am, conducted a drug screen by 10:00 am, and made an offer that was accepted by that candidate by noon that day! I don’t expect every placement to go that quickly, but Minnesota companies hiring full-time IT candidates are starting to move quickly because they know that’s exactly what those IT candidates are doing.

Most of the credit for fast hires go to companies’ HR and hiring managers, who understand that if a candidate is a culture fit, and if the candidate’s salary requirements are in alignment, they need to pull the trigger quickly on an offer…before someone else does.

Companies who do this are wise, as many Minnesota IT candidates receive numerous calls from recruiters each week, and many candidates are considering more than one offer when they make a job change. Candidates tend to act the same way as hiring companies, too – when they feel the fit is right, they accept the offer quickly.

As the tempo of the IT market is so hot right now, nothing is worse than a hiring company putting a candidate through many rounds of interviews, only to find that the candidate has accepted another offer from a company that had a faster process.

Hiring companies should expect that recruiters are talking to candidates throughout the interview process about salary requirements and culture fit. Recruiters need to share this information with hiring companies so offers can be ready for candidates as soon as they are done interviewing.

It is important that companies hire a good fit for their job openings, but if a company has had a hard time filling an IT opening, it may be just as much about taking too long to make an offer, as it is about not finding the right candidates.

Do you have the right IT candidate in your lap? Make the offer…before someone else does!

Content provided by Joe Janasz