Chris Dardis

Vice President | Human Resources

Chris leads the HR consulting and HR executive search division of Versique. Having both corporate leadership and agency recruiting experience, Chris has the unique ability to understand his clients’ human capital needs and offer strategic consultative solutions.

He has over 12 years of experience in both agency and corporate executive recruiting and has helped dozens of companies ranging from startup to fortune 500 enhance their human resources practices and build a better tomorrow. As Vice President of HR, Chris is responsible for the overall success and strategic direction of the team. Through his service-minded approach, he builds trust with his clients and has a continued dedication to ethical business practices.

To find out how Chris can help your business’ HR department achieve greater success, you can contact him by phone or email at the bottom of the page.


Chris’s Approach

Chris understands that, as baby boomers retire and millennial’s enter the workforce, there’s no denying that things are changing. As the world around us progresses, employers expect a set of work competencies that are aligned with the skill demands of the 21st century. Whether your organization is looking for additional insight, an outside eye, or someone to enhance processes and boost productivity, Chris has a deep understanding of the role HR plays in the recruiting process and what it takes for HR departments to be successful both today and tomorrow.

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About Versique

Versique is one of the largest talent acquisition firms in the Midwest, and specializes in both consulting and permanent placement. Our team has more than 350 years of combined experience, and specializes in the following practice areas: IT, HR, digital marketing, demand generation, engineering/operations, finance/accounting, sales, CPG (consumer packaged goods), executive leadership, manufacturing industry, healthcare industry, and family owned businesses. We have filled thousands of positions and our network of connections is one of the strongest in the industry. We create amazing connections.

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