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How to Find and Recruit the Best IT Talent

To hire top IT talent companies must have a fast, flexible, and effective search and hiring process. IT talent must not only fit the technical requirements for a position, but also fit company culture. However, IT professionals are much less likely to apply to job postings than professionals in other areas. In fact, in the last 5 years 89% of Software Engineers have applied to less than two jobs according to a study conducted by TalentPuzzle.

This lack of IT job applications demonstrates a disconnect between where recruiters post information technology jobs and where candidates search. A study by iCIMS® found that 51% of jobs posted on social media are posted to Twitter, and yet, only 1% of candidates expect to find a job on Twitter.

“The top social site job seekers expected to find job postings was LinkedIn, but the site accounts for only 23% of all jobs posted on social,” says Susan Vitale, CMO of iCIMS. After LinkedIn, job seekers most frequently turn to Facebook and Google+.

In fact, companies tend to underutilize some of the most popular social networks for job searching. For instance, jobs posted to Google+ get four times more views per job than any other social media platform, yet only 1% of companies post jobs to Google+.

Being that the IT industry and passive candidate market is so competitive, companies recruiting IT professionals cannot rely solely on candidates applying to online postings. It is critical for companies to connect with the passive IT candidate pool as well as understand what attracts top IT talent.

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