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How You Can Utilize a Recruiter

At Versique, we are matchmakers between job seekers and businesses. We work hard to vet not only the skills for a role, but also the culture fit and intangible components that can ensure a great long-term fit for the candidate.

Here are some of the ways that you can utilize a recruiter in your next job search:

1) Gain Access to Unlisted Job Postings

One of the biggest benefits of working with a recruiter is the access to a larger network of opportunities. At Versique, we primarily work with small to midsize privately held businesses. Most of the positions we’re recruiting for can be found on the job boards. The only way to access these jobs is through a recruiter.

2) Interview Preparation

When working with a recruiter, you can get inside information about:

  • The personality or style of your interviewer
  • the types of questions that may be asked
  • how to best present yourself 

3) Company Targets

Recruiters can also provide detailed knowledge about the companies you’re applying for. This could include valuable information beyond what is posted on a company’s website or a typical job description. Recruiters often get keen insights on useful company information such as opportunities for growth and development, values, culture, and reputation that can ensure alignment within a role. 

4) Salary Negotiation

Recruiters always have their thumb on the pulse of your industry. That means they’ll often have an acute sense of the market salary for your level of experience. How do you place in your industry’s salary range? Check out Versique’s salary guide here to find out how competitive your salary really is in the Minneapolis- St. Paul job market. 

You’re probably inundated every week with recruiting messages. That means your recruiter is doing their best to find opportunities that you may not find on your own. Our advice is to stay engaged with your recruiter. Talk with them often and keep them current to what you are looking for, even if you’re not exactly “looking.”  

Recruiters can be a great resource for you during your job search. How can we help with your job search? Contact us today.

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