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HR Lab 2023 Recap: Reimagining the Impact of Leadership Collaboration

We were thrilled to host Versique’s 12th Annual HR Lab on May 4th, 2023, as we dove into the topic of Reimagining the Impact of Leadership Collaboration with top leaders from the Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx and the Minneapolis Foundation. This thought-provoking event brought together top HR professionals and executive leaders from various industries to explore innovative ways of working together to drive organizational success.

In this session, I moderated an expert panel of Twin Cities Leaders in Human Resources and Executive Leadership. The panel included: 

  • Ethan Casson, CEO of the Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
  • Sianneh Mulbah, Chief People Officer of the Minnesota Timberwolves & Lynx
  • R.T Rybak, President & CEO of the Minneapolis Foundation
  • Milpha Blamo, VP Talent & Culture of the Minneapolis Foundation.

As the moderator of the panel and the Vice President of HR Interim Solutions at Versique, I found more than a few helpful takeaways from our discussion on how to instill a collaborative leadership team:

Be Intentional:

It is important to schedule “off the clock” time for your team, to get to know each other as individuals. Make sure to communicate intended outcomes of recurring meetings to ensure efficient use of little in-person time together. Provide opportunities for all the members of the leadership team to contribute regularly.

Be Communicative:

Be sure to communicate any anticipated change in a timely manner and be clear on roles related to execution. (i.e. “Divide and conquer”).

Be Collaborative:

In order for your team to understand the collective effort needed to attain outcomes, it is important to establish shared goals within leadership. This also provides an opportunity for the team to set the tone for the entire organization, and how they each contribute to its success. This collaboration offers an opportunity to identify ideal teammates within the group who will lead the charge in supporting the desired company culture through their actions by how they support and communicate with their employees.

Be Prepared:

Ahead of check-ins, make sure to have agenda items to discuss and be clear about takeaways/next steps. Establish a cadence around virtual check-ins and meetings vs. in-person, and be clear about which topics should be discussed in-person

Be Inclusive:

Strive to be inclusive and meet people where they are by valuing and rewarding commitment. Instill a “We” over “Me” approach and lead with empathy, honesty, and optimism. Beyond strengthening the business’ bottom line, the inclusion of diverse thoughts also allows individual growth through new perspectives and a shared understanding of the impact a business decision has on segmented groups– all of which aid in creation of a safe environment for employees and customers. 

You can download the takeaways here, and watch the recording of HR Lab here.

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