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Kare 11 Interview: Flex Friday Hours (KARE11 Interview)

According to a recent survey, more than 40 percent of employees will get out of work early on Fridays during the summer. CEO, Tony Sorensen and VP of HR Chris Dardis were recently interviewed by Kare 11 to discuss flexible Friday hours in the summer months. This is an incentive Versique started this year. It was a decision both Verisque owners were hesitant of at first, but it has become quite beneficial for the engagement and performance of the Versique employees.

How Do Summer Hours Work & What Are the Results?

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, folks at our firm get out of work at noon on Friday — a full five hours earlier than usual.

“I was researching prior to deciding if we’re going to do the summer hours that 80% of workers reach 0% productivity by noon on Fridays. So, you can just imagine what that is in Minnesota, in the summers, afternoon,” says Sorensen.

Employees come in a bit earlier Monday-Thursday to make sure they still have enough time to meet their goal. But come Friday at noon, they can take off and enjoy the weekend! This change has had a positive impact on company success, as June was the best month the company has had to date.