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How To Land A Job In The New Year (KARE 11 Interview)

If you’ve been thinking about switching careers, now might be the perfect time to pull the trigger. January is one of the best months to get hired. Chris Dardis, VP, HR Consulting, was recently on Kare 11 to share what people should be doing if you’re searching for a new job.


January of all months to get hired? Yes, Chris explains why January is such a busy month for hiring.

  1. Reset of Budgets

Companies budgets are set in January, this provides them the opportunity to make a strong first quarter push.

  1. The Hectic Holidays Are Over

The hectic time of the holidays is done. During the holiday months many people take time off, causing the hiring process to slow down and hard to complete. Come January, hiring managers are ready to schedule all those meetings they’ve been setting aside the last few months.

  1. New Year. New Projects.

Many companies start new projects in the beginning of the year and need to hire the resources to complete these projects.

What Should You Do To Get Started

If you’re someone who hasn’t changed jobs in a while, you might not know where to start. Chris shares three tips to jump-start your job search.

  1. Amp Up Your LinkedIn

Recruiters use LinkedIn to vet 100% of their candidates. It is very important that you have a LinkedIn profile that is active.  Simply having a LinkedIn profile just isn’t enough, make sure it’s up to date and be active on it. If you have written any articles or blogs lately, make sure they’re on your profile. Being active in industry groups is also a great way to utilize LinkedIn and keep up with trends, jobs and companies.

  1. Enhance Your Resume

If you haven’t touched your resume in a few years, you should know that things have changed. It’s not just about listing your duties anymore, you need to list your accomplishments and results. Your resume shouldn’t sound like a job description, so be specific and make sure you are tailoring it for the specific job you are applying to.

  1. Ignite Your Network

Start the conversation. Reach out to your network and individuals you trust and respect to discuss your career path. You never know where the right connection can come into play. Also, put a list together of companies you want to work for and start following them on social media. (Quick tip: Bookmark the company career page, that way you can easily access it.) You can also get in touch with a specialized recruiter to help with your search. At Versique, we help companies and individuals find the right candidate for the right position.

What Jobs Will Be Hot in 2018

So now that we know why timing matters and what you can do to get started, Chris fills us in on what jobs are going to be hot throughout 2018.

There will be a lot of STEM roles – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all going to continue to be big throughout 2018. Biomedical and Medical Engineers, Software Developers, Business Analyst and Digital Marketing professionals are some roles currently in high demand. Outside of STEM, there will be a large need for Home Health Care professionals, as well as, Talent Acquisition professionals. With these areas in high demand, many companies are turning to recruitment firms like Versique to find the top qualified candidate, not just the best from those who apply.

If your looking for your next career opportunity, contact us today or view our current open jobs here.