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Laura King Presents at NAPS: How to Stand out In a Field of Copy-Cats

September 29, 2017 – Versique’s Director, Marketing Search, Laura King, was selected to present at the NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) 2017 Annual Conference held in Denver, CO, September 20th-22nd. The NAPS Annual Conference brings together more than 500 attendees from the search, recruiting and staffing industry, for the opportunity to learn best practices, share strategies and expand their personal network.

Laura’s session titled “How to Stand out In a Field of Copy-Cats: Small Tweaks in Your Style to Produce Outstanding Results,” talked about common mistakes recruiters may not even know they are making, and the top five habits you can begin to establish in order to fix these mistakes, achieve success and save time.

Laura explains where the vision of her presentation came from, “So many times we are put into a bucket in someone’s mind before we even open our mouths as recruiters. Yet I’ve found that many of my colleagues, including myself, were actually “feeding” into the negative stereotypes. After recording and analyzing countless conversations between hiring managers and recruiters, and HR and recruiters, I have a hit list of the top 5 deadly mistakes you might not even know you’re making and more importantly, how do you recognize these mistakes to correct them over time.”

Laura’s presentation was a very hands-on session that dove into exploring the good, the bad and the ugly of recruiting. Laura’s end goal was for each person to walk away from her session with an action plan to make a change, a plan they could truly implement so that their clients and candidates could see them in a whole new light.

 Laura’s 5 Key Habits that Lead to Success:

Examine Your Language

Language matters, using powerful, colorful language vs the same old routine and sayings. Find more of a strategic and sophisticated way through your language to distinguish yourself. Think about the words you use over and over that are ingrained into your vocabulary, try thinking outside of your comfort zone on ways to stand out. Record and listen to your conversations, see where you can make changes, pick one to two things to change at a time. Being aware of your language is half the battle.


It’s All About Perspective

How are you positioning your content? Are you putting your content in terms of what’s good for you or what’s best for your client and candidates? Take a moment and truly listen before you speak to understand their perspective and what’s important to them. Presenting information in the correct manner, explaining yourself, and understanding how they are reciprocating the information in the end is crucial to building trust.



Creating Meaningful Connections

Sounds simple right? As a recruiter this is something you do every day….but do you really? The habit of creating meaningful connections can be much more difficult than we think. With day in and day out life distractions, work, family, personal issues, it can be hard at times to set everything aside and focus in on the person you are communicating with. Not thinking about what else you have to accomplish in the day, your next meeting or other distractions can be extremely difficult at times. If you take the time to zone in, it can make a world of a difference in your connection.


Re-evaluate Your Process

The take away from this is fairly simple, take the time to review your daily to-dos, what is taking more time than it should, what can you change and how can you simplify for yourself? Revamp your processes to make your life easier and you’ll feel more organized, productive and you’ll be saving time within your week.

Discover Your Resilience 

Resilience is your ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change. In this business, the highs are high and the lows are low, try to stay as even keeled as possible. When something goes wrong, don’t dwell, pick yourself back up and move on. Never stop believing in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

This motivating and educational session went much more in-depth, stay tuned for a full recap and video coming soon! Make sure you follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest updates.



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