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What You Need To Know About Ghosting in the Workplace

You may have heard the term “ghosting” socially, as it relates to dating. When a couple is dating and one of the people in the relationship suddenly vanishes without a call, no return texts, doesn’t show up for dates – they’ve ghosted. Unfortunately, this trend is showing up in the workplace. When candidates fail to show up for interviews, or employees don’t report to work, the employer has been ghosted.

Where Did This Trend Come From?

Why are we seeing this phenomenon in the workplace? In the current job market, there are more positions available than there are candidates. As a result, candidates, and employees have multiple options from which to choose. When a more enticing opportunity presents itself, job seekers will take it, regardless of the timing.

Some countries have been experiencing ghosting for years. It is now in the U.S. and that includes Minneapolis/St. Paul where the unemployment rate is below the national average. It is truly a candidate’s market. However, just because it’s a candidate’s market, doesn’t mean your organization needs to be impacted by ghosting. You can minimize or prevent it by ensuring you have an employee value proposition paired with a sound, consistent recruitment, and retention process.

Know Your Value and Promote it

As an employer, you need to identify what makes you unique and sets you apart from other companies. With unemployment as low as it is, you aren’t only competing with companies in your industry, but all companies looking for talent. Once you’ve determined your value proposition, be it flexible work environment, unique benefits, volunteer hours, etc., you need to be able to back it up by following through.

Within your talent attraction and recruitment program, using technology is important in the current environment, however, making a strong connection with potential candidates may be essential. If a potential employee doesn’t have a personal interest in you or your organization, the likelihood of them leaving you to go somewhere else just got higher. The cost to you can be two to three times the annual salary for the position you are filling.

In addition to making sound use of technology and personal interactions, make sure your hiring managers are trained on your process and understand how to convey your company’s value proposition. Be confident that what is being sold is what candidates, turned employees, are getting once they join your team. If you find that you are still being ghosted, it may be time to survey your employees to get insight into potential issues.

A Word of Advice to Candidates

Caution to candidates. Understand that while ghosting to pursue a better opportunity sounds good today, it can damage your reputation later in your career. Hiring managers network and do business with each other across organizations and industries. Should your name come up in conversation, you want that discussion to be positive.

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