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Tiffany Kuehl Awarded The Teresa A. Knutson Award of Professional Excellence

Versique is excited to share that Tiffany Kuehl, Director of HR Search, has been award the Teresa A. Knutson Award of Professional Excellence by the Minnesota State SHRM Council.

About The Teresa A. Knutson Award of Professional Excellence 

Teresa A. Knutson was an active member of the Minnesota Society of Human Resource Management-MNSHRM, until she passed away in 2008 from a heart condition. In her memory, an award is presented annually at theMNSHRM state Human Resources conference to an individual council member who has made a significant contribution to the profession, the council, and/or the community.

The recipient of this award should be:

  • A current state council member, or a state council member who served during the previous council year.
  • A member who has made a positive impact on the Human Resource profession, the State Council, and/or their own community.
  • An individual who demonstrates effortless leadership skills. – Someone whose enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Someone with a flair for bringing people together, who possesses a natural, genuine warmth.
  • One who unpretentiously exudes style and charisma.

Connect with Tiffany Kuehl on LinkedIn: Tiffany’s LinkedIn Profile

About The Minnesota State SHRM Council 


“Our purpose is to promote the educational and other non-profit purposes of SHRM by providing a structure for SHRM members in the state of Minnesota to consult together concerning the affairs, activities, needs, and problems of SHRM in the state and to adopt programs which will promote the progress and welfare of SHRM in the human resource profession as a whole, including, without limitation, the provision of channels of communication between SHRM Chapters, SHRM State Council, and the appropriate SHRM Area Board, provision of services to all members of the human resource profession within the State, and the provision of leadership training at the State level.”

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