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Why Working With A Great Executive Recruiter Is More Important than Ever Before

You’ve heard it already: The talent market is an all-out competition with companies who are hiring. While unemployment and jobless claims continue to drop, baby boomers are retiring at an increasing rate, and inflation continues to rise.

Now more than ever, companies are turning to executive search firms for the first time. It is important to vet out firms and find the right match to represent your company. Executive recruiters act as an extension of your company in the marketplace when performing a search. And with the window to gain the attention of a passive candidate so small, it’s important to work with someone who can effectively communicate your value proposition.

Key traits to look for in a recruiter:

1. Past Success

There are so many executive recruiters in the market. The barriers to entry are low, which means there are more likely to be recruiters that may not be as experienced. A good recruiter will have many past references from candidates and clients that will be happy to share the story of their experience working with them. There is so much that goes into a search, and it takes exceptional communication skills to you as a hiring manager and to the potential candidates on timing, process, expectations, feedback, closing the candidate, and onboarding. Make sure to vet your recruiter and ask about their past searches and references.

2. Overcoming Candidate Objections and Coaching

The volume of candidates that a recruiter will speak with is much smaller than before due to the talent shortage. Having the ability to identify what motivates a candidate and clearly and concisely communicate how an opportunity may or may not line up for them is key. If a candidate has unfounded objections or mental roadblocks, a recruiter must be able to develop a relationship with them in a short amount of time and be in the position to coach candidates in overcoming mental barriers to pursue an opportunity that may be a better fit or put them in a stronger position.

3. Consultative Approach

The “yes person” is not the recruiter you want. A good recruiter will give you regularly scheduled, honest status updates on the search and candidates in process, whether that be good or bad. If something needs to be done differently to be successful in the search, you will have the feedback in a timely manner. For example, a simple title change of the position may attract the candidate with the right profile. The candidates that fit the profile may have a different compensation package that you’re offering. It’s nice to know there may be simple things to change that can create a better outcome for the hiring team and candidates.

We are now moving into an era where companies need a search partner who can do more than just show you resumes. Recruiters need to be well-rounded consultants that can influence positive outcomes for both hiring teams and candidates to create win-win relationships. Choose your partner wisely, and you will have a true advantage in the competition for talent.

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