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Inside Executive Search in 2021

As we come head into the middle of 2021, all I can think is what a difference a year can bring. Here are some great tips to help your business source, select, and hire top executive talent in the post-COVID marketplace.

The Slowdown in Executive Search Sector During COVID

We all had to adapt and pivot in many ways during 2020. But in our sector of Executive Leadership Search and Recruiting, we witnessed some incredible changes.

Many companies paused on the hiring process at all levels of the organization, but especially in hiring Executive Leadership. The top talent in this sector was especially reluctant to make a move due to the uncertainty in the market. We heard this a lot in 2020: “I am going to stay where I am at until we get through this.”

Inside Executive Leadership Recruiting Post-COVID

Here is the good news, the vaccination roll-out is happening faster than predicted. The good news now has many companies taking their finger off that pause button.

As the market opens up again, I thought we should revisit a topic we first revealed during my podcast “Inside Executive Search” in 2019.

As Companies are considering adding top talent to their teams in 2021, a few things need to be top of mind to attract the best talent in the market.

Key Tips for Hiring Executives in 2021 and Beyond

Here are the top 5 things companies can do to attract top talent in this new market:

  1. Develop a compelling story about your company. This the “why” someone would join your company. Then, find a way to broadcast that message.
  2. Review and adjust your compensation strategies to reflect market conditions. We are seeing more private companies offering a variety of long-term incentives to attract key talent.
  3. How does your company show up on social media? Are you visible and relevant to the top talent who will find you online? Does your company have online reviews? What do they say?
  4. Develop a world-class interview process. The first impressions matter even during the early stage of the interview process!
  5. Do you have a strong employer brand? If not, invest time and resources to improve your brand in the marketplace.

For even more tips to attracting, selecting, and retaining top Executive Leadership talent, please revisit Inside Executive Search Podcast on your favorite podcast platform. There 31 episodes on a variety of topics to “attract, select & retain” top talent.

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