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The Top 3 Most In-Demand IT Jobs in Minnesota

Good news for technology professionals! The IT job market in Minnesota is on the rise as tech plays an exponentially bigger role in business. Those growing especially quickly include mobile, big data, cloud, and security. In fact, Dice ranked Minnesota at #15 in shortage of computer science graduates compared to the state’s technology job opportunities.

Minnesota’s hiring trends are reflected in the consistently low unemployment rates in the IT field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment opportunities in computer and IT occupations in Minnesota are projected to grow as much as 25% within the next six years (much faster than the national average), with some IT disciplines exceeding +35% (i.e. information security analysts).

As companies adjust to the digital age, the hiring of specialized IT talent in niche areas is becoming more difficult. “If you want them, you can be 100% sure there are at least two other firms that want them, as well,” says Michael Kirven, founder and CEO of Mondo, a technology resource provider.

Companies that have streamlined their hiring processes will find it easier to secure strong candidates. Since some candidates receive as many as 10 job offers each week, speed is more important than ever.

Additionally, since technology is used in virtually every division of modern organizations, employers are looking for strong communicators to add to their IT teams. The most sought-after candidates are experienced individuals who can lead various teams and act as a partner between IT and other divisions. As a result, many companies are turning to specialty search firms, such as Versique’s IT Search firm for assistance in quickly finding IT professionals to increase communication between divisions.

In this job-seeker’s market, it’s important to note the most in-demand roles and how they might fit into your organization – or perhaps be your next job.

Programmer/Application Development

In particular demand are those with mobile development expertise and experience building secure applications. Among those programmers, those with 1-3 years of experience are currently the most desirable candidates.

Security Engineer

“The need for increased data security because of the growing number of data breaches is behind the interest in security professionals,” says Scot Melland, CEO of Dice. “Demand for people with security experience is up 10% year over year.” Therefore, it comes as no surprise that those with security administration experience are the third most in demand IT skill in the state.

Project Manager

IT Project Managers are responsible for the coordination and delivery of beta/production releases, as well as setting deadlines, monitoring continued progress of projects, and generating update reports for management. These positions require a bachelor’s degree and 2-5 years of related project management experience.

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